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This page contains various firmware versions for RUT2xx devices.

Firmware Version Changelog
Latest FW* RUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1 2019.03.18
Factory FW** RUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1 2019.03.18
Bootloader*** RUT2XX Bootloader version 3.1.0 2019.03.28

* Latest FW - firmware candidate for release. This version will usually contain some new features and/or improvements (described in the Change log section of this article) but it hasn't been fully tested and approved by Teltonika's testing and technical support units

** Factory FW - firmware used in mass production

*** Bootloader - a program that loads the operating system or some other system software for the router after completion of the power-on self-tests; it is the loader for the operating system itself. You can find detailed instructions on how to upgrade your Bootloader to a newer version here

FW checksums

A list of firmware checksums for RUT2xx firmwares uploaded in this page: checksum list

Change Log

RUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1 | 2019.03.18

  • New features:
    • Added 'More' SMS Utilities rule
  • Fixes:
    • RMS reconnect issue fix
    • Hotspot authentication mode change fix
    • Overview widget fixes
    • Connection uptime widget fix
    • SMS Management inbox read fix
    • Wireless scan fix
    • SSTP service update
    • SMS-Utilities: various functionality fixes
    • Restore-Point: Removed the ability to load restore points of a different router
    • VLAN: LAN Network configuration backup fix
    • Maximum length SMS message send fix
    • Long SMS messages stretch out WebUI fix
    • Ping Reboot: reboots after service is disabled fix
    • Removed warning message when scanning for WiFi STA
    • Setup Wizard WiFi channel select custom option remove fix
    • Call Utilities: double zero in front of the number fix
    • Setup Wizard: you cannot procceed with setup if you disable DHCP fix
    • Restore to default percentage counting fix
    • WoL: Use WAN as LAN fix
    • Network Operators: Typo fix
    • Events log: Typo fixes
    • Hotspot Statistics: WebUI shows WiFi AP's and STA when they are not a hotspot fix
    • Hotspot: configuration saves without advertisement address fix
    • WiFi channel frequency display fix
    • Mobile Traffic: daily statistics show wrong time fix
    • STunnel text display fix
    • IPSec text display fix
    • OpenVPN remove TLS clients in TAP mode fix
    • Hotspot: Tab placement fix
    • Overview: Text changes
    • SMS-Utilities: 'uci show' fix
    • WebUI: added connection band info to mobile status page
    • Mobile: fix for LTE band default value for different regions
    • RMS: fixed logread messages
    • I/O: fixed output state labels

RUT2XX_R_00.01.05.1 | 2019.02.22

  • New features:
    • Added Wake on LAN functionality
    • Added Wake on LAN SMS Utilities rule
    • Added STunnel feature to VPN services
  • Improvements:
    • Added every WAN interface selection to Qos
    • Add modem restart option to Periodic Reboot
    • Updated curl to version 7.64.0
    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2q
  • Fixes:
    • L2TP network restart after connection loss fix
    • OpenVPN service restart when TLS-Password is changed fix
    • Mobile IP and gateway fix
    • Overview OpenVPN widget display fix
    • IPSec psk_key save after older firmware upgrade fix
    • Configuration backup and firmware upgrade stuck on the 'downloading' page fix
    • SNMP memory leak fix
    • Mobile data limit keep limit after firmware upgrade with keep settings fix
    • Remote access information fix
    • L2TP IP range change fix
    • Setup Wizard → LAN DHCP fields not hidden when DHCP is unchecked fix
    • Hotspot firewall rules fix
    • Data-only SIM fix
    • Wireless Station and Access Point fixes
    • Deleted unnecessary IPsec keep alive option
    • Fixed GRE Tunnel connection
    • Removed NOTRACK target from firewall rules
    • WAN IP not showing on Login page fix
    • DDNS process kill fix
    • WAN selected as LAN fix
    • IPSec restart when backup mobile fails fix
    • RMS memory usage fix
    • CLI Connect button fix
    • Mobile traffic counter resetting fix
    • Multiple OpenVPN related fixes
    • Ping Reboot fix

RUT2XX_R_00.01.04.2 | 2018.12.20

  • Fixes:
    • SSH security fix
    • Mobile page fix

RUT2XX_R_00.01.04.1 | 2018.11.15

  • New features:
    • Added NTP server, force servers option for ntpclient
    • Added selectable network band support
    • Added SSTP
    • Replace bird routing package with quagga package
    • Added WiFi MAC Filter address range support
    • Changed RMS communication protocol to use MQTT instead of OpenVPN
    • Enabled SSH diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 key exchange algorithm
  • Improvements
    • Updated mobile operator database
    • Enabled Wired (Main) + Mobile (Failover) multiwan in default configuration
    • Sensitive information (usernames and passwords) removed from router's Troubleshoot file
    • Added warnings to Call Utilities when on 4G-only mode
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed multiwan restart sequence issues causing VPN instabilities
    • Static Routes fix
    • WiFi updates and security fixes
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes for operator selection
    • SNMP MIB values and file format fix
    • SNMP Hotspot and serial values fix
    • Redirect to login page after factory reset fix
    • IPsec init script fix
    • Overview WiFi widget fix
    • Modbus WiFi enable/disable fix
    • Modbus APN write and memory leak fixes
    • JavaScript code multiplication fix
    • DHCP server lease time validation update fix
    • Hang up on watchdog reset fix
    • Overview mobile WAN IP display fix
    • curl: update to 7.62.0
    • OpenSSL: update to 1.0.2p
    • cacert: update to 2018-10-17
    • arptables segmentation fault fix
    • quectel-CM: updated to latest version
    • GRE Tunnel delete after button press fix
    • Update Teltonika contact address in Licenses page
    • Disabled passthrough and bridge selection when multiwan is enabled
    • Fixed lua dispatcher error after reboot
    • Fixed multiwan metrics and priorities
    • SMS Utilities SMS status WAN IP with multiwan fix

RUT2XX_R_00.01.03.5 | 2018.10.23

  • Fixes:
    • VPN shutdown at delete fix
    • PPTP default gateway set and delete fix
    • OpenVPN status fix
    • OpenVPN configuration section name compatibility fix
    • IPsec redirect after save fix
    • Overview VRRP widget status fix
    • Hotspot start after reboot fix
    • Added default LAN IPv6 address
    • Overview WAN wiki link fix
    • Hotspot overview fix
    • Mobile data counter reset fix

RUT2XX_R_00.01.03.2 | 2018.09.05

  • New features:
    • Added operators control with white/black list feature
    • Added Administration -> Root CA page
  • Improvements:
    • Added many security updates
    • Added firmware update information
    • Added CellID information to Troubleshoot file
  • Fixes:
    • GPL: compilation fixes
    • Configuration restore fix
    • Disabled Hotspot users' ability to reach LAN devices and WebUI
    • Port Forwarding IP validation fix
    • System -> Administration -> Overview page loading fix when VPN configuration exists
    • Some minor DHCP display fixes
    • Call Utilities reboot action partial message fix
    • DDNS IP source change and added time selection
    • OpenVPN service fixes
    • Some minor QoS fixes
    • Some minor OpenVPN fixes
    • Configuration Wizard: LAN page redirect fix
    • Overview WAN IP fix
    • Added Redirect to HTTPS information
    • Troubleshoot TCPdump fix
    • Changed 'Backup WAN' to 'WAN Failover'
    • WebUI: language translation in some pages fix
    • Hotspot: SMS OTP authentication fix (Mantis ID: 0022367)
    • Overview VPN widget IP fix

RUT2XX_R_00.01.02.6 | 2018.08.22

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed GPL Readme
    • Fixed JavaScript password validation

RUT2XX_R_00.01.02.3 | 2018.06.08

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed RMS status in overview page
    • Fixed LTE signal strength graph

RUT2XX_R_00.01.01.4 | 2018.05.16

  • New features:
    • Added DHCP Force option
    • Added RMS connection page to Setup Wizard
    • Added forced password change
  • Improvements:
    • Updated Overview widget icons, added Teltonika Wiki links
    • Added private key decryption function to OpenVPN client configuration
    • Added additional DPD options
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Wget reboot URL datatype
    • WebUI: SSH access status fix
    • Added special symbols exception to SMS-Forwarding
    • Added missing Events Reporting config for SMS-Utilities
    • PPP enable/disable bug fix
    • Multiple Call Utilities fixes
    • SMS event queries fix
    • Removed unnecessary sim_switch message text
    • Some SSH security fixes
    • Updated Modbus sources and coding table
    • Multiple OpenVPN bug fixes
    • Graphs/Signal strength fix when using HSDPA+HSUPA network type
    • Fixed VLAN DHCP leasing
    • Administration password change fix
    • STA mode logic changed
    • Hotspot bandwith limit fix
    • Moved IP alias gateway to advanced features
    • Administration -> Overview fix
    • Factory reset fix due to mobile connection problems

RUT2XX_R_00.01.00 | 2018.03.19

  • Improvements:
    • Added hostname validation for Wget Reboot
    • New versioning logic
  • Fixes:
    • Output ON/OFF fix
    • Firmware Upgrade fix
    • SSH authentication logging fix

RUT2XX_R_00.00.553 | 2018.03.09

  • New features:
    • Added Redirect LAN to GRE function
  • Fixes:
    • Mobile Data Limit fixes
    • User's password removed from users table
    • Firmware upgrade message fixed

RUT2XX_R_00.00.539 | 2018.03.01

  • Fixes:
    • Minor Openvpn functionality fixes

RUT2XX_R_00.00.486 | 2018.02.27

  • New features:
    • Added two additional fields to Hotspot Landing Page link configuration (SMS have password, SMS no password )

RUT2XX_R_00.00.482 | 2018.02.22

  • Fixes:
    • Updated SMS send satus
    • Added Modbus enable check-box
    • Added firewall rule so the router would be reachable from WAN when access control is enabled

RUT2XX_R_00.00.474 | 2018.02.20

  • Improvements:
    • Added download MIBS button to SNMP page
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed style for VPN service pages, Modbus page

RUT2XX_R_00.00.388 | 2018.02.19

  • New features:
    • Added Relayd function that can make the router act like a wireless range extender

RUT2XX_R_00.00.382 | 2018.02.06

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Wi-Fi logging to FTP function
    • Fixed site blocking file parsing
    • System Information texts fix

RUT2XX_R_00.00.377 | 2018.01.31

  • New features:
    • IPsec: added Transport mode, Firewall options, local IP management options
  • Improvements:
    • Moved Disable NAT flags from VPN to Firewall page
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Firewall config for hotspot interface assignment
    • DMZ rule position fix

RUT2XX_R_00.00.372 | 2018.01.16

  • Improvements:
    • Added to DDNS service providers list
    • Added some additional SMS Utilities hints
    • Added support for changing Wireless SSID name from branding script
    • Improved Email to SMS function
  • Fixes:
    • WAN port status display fix
    • Fixed SMS Utilities Write to config bug when sending mobileoff message
    • Whitelist blocking fix in Site Blocking

RUT2XX_R_00.00.355 | 2018.01.05

  • New features:
    • Added WPA-Enterprise encryption type support for Wi-Fi Access Points
    • Added Email To SMS, SMS Forwarding functions
    • Added Wget Reboot function
  • Improvements:
    • Updated fw upgrade validation for future firmwares
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed bug of not being able to use hostnames as a destination for Ping Reboot
    • Input/Output Scheduler backup bug fix
    • System->Administration page style fixes
    • Removed wifid due to security issues
    • Configuration Backup bug fixes

RUT2XX_R_00.00.339 | 2018.01.02

  • New features:
    • Added IPsec option for WebUI access through tunnel
    • Added Reset button custom hold time configuration
  • Fixes:
    • Minor Mobile Data Limit bug fix
    • Renamed mibs file to TLT-MIB.txt
    • Temperature display fix
    • Added Async Control Character Maps
    • Fixed minor grammatical errors in the WebUI
    • OpenVPN hints fix

RUT2XX_R_00.00.312 | 2017.12.08

  • Fixes:
    • Some minor PPTP Server and Client functionality fixes
    • Added fix to PPP Connection Type due to disconnecting mobile connection
    • Real traffic fix

RUT2XX_R_00.00.307 | 2017.12.05

  • New features:
    • Added Hotspot configuration profiles
  • Improvements:
    • Added custom redirect address
    • Added troubleshoot file download protection
  • Fixes:
    • Some minor Hotspot functionality fixes
    • Mobile data logging fix
    • Some minor Dynamic DNS functionality fixes

RUT2XX_R_00.00.296 | 2017.11.23

  • Improvements:
    • SMS Utilities fw_upgrade rule now works with Keep Settings
  • Fixes:
    • Minor Reregister function fix
    • Use IPv4 only fix
    • Minor mobile interface fix
    • Some minor Site Blocking fixes
    • Connect to hidden WiFi AP fix
    • Multiwan metric change fix for RUT230

RUT2XX_R_00.00.284 | 2017.11.03

  • Improvements:
    • Improved Mobile Data Limit functionality
    • Improved Load Balancing functionality

Bootloader Change Log

RUT2XX Bootloader version 3.1.0 | 2019.03.28

  • Improvements:
    • Improvements made to the boot up process

RUT2XX Bootloader version 2.0.1 | 2017.07.19

  • New features:
    • Added GigaDevice flash support

RUT2XX Bootloader version 2.0.0 | 2017.04.26

  • Improvements:
    • Increased CPU clock speed to 400MHz

RUT2XX Bootloader version 1.0.0 | 2017.04.14

  • New features:
    • Released U-boot