FMB640 Bluetooth settings

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FMB640 can connect to Bluetooth handsfree adapter for two way communication and also, you can connect device to ‘bluetooth terminal’ app in your android smart phone to get terminal log via Bluetooth.

Fmb640 Bluetooth.png

User can start Bluetooth devices discovery with ‘Discover’ button. Before that, configuration has to be saved with BT radio parameter enabled. If you are sure that your device has it’s Bluetooth enabled but you couldn’t find it in the list - try again because only first 10 found devices are shown in the window.

Logging the FMB640 device using your mobile phone[edit | edit source]

Bluetooth starts automatically when FMB640 device is on. Take your mobile phone, go to Settings->Bluetooth and turn it on. Scan for nearby devices, find the device in the list, distinguish the device by last IMEI digits on device module. Press pair, wait until device asks to enter pairing password, type: "5555" (as in the example on the figure). Paired device will show up in the paired device list. Download a terminal for Bluetooth e.g. BlueTerm from Play Store/App store. Run app, click Find->Connect to your paired device. Now we need to send a command to FMB640 from Bluetooth terminal, type: ".log:1"
Device will respond with "Debug enabled" and FMB640 log will show up. Do not forget to save the log file to mobile phone.