FMC001 Bluetooth 4.0 settings

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Bluetooth 4.0 settings

FMC001 offers Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, also referred as BLE) functionality. User is able to discover nearby BLE devices and their services. Another feature is TZ-BT04/05 sensor support. Sensors provide data about temperature (TZ-BT04 and TZ-BT05) and humidity (TZ-BT04 only).

Blue-tooth 4.0v2 settings.PNG

Configurable parameters:

  • TZ-BT04/05/05B Update frequency – changes sensor's temperature/humidity/battery voltage data update frequency.
    Minimum value: 120 s, maximum value: 65535 s, default value: 120.
  • Working mode – Bluetooth connection mode. Disabled: Bluetooth 4.0 connection will not be used. TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor: this Bluetooth connection will be used to communicate with TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor.

FMB Family Bluetooth 4.0 support

Devices that are listed in table below shows which device model has Bluetooth 4.0 hardware installed. If your device is manufactured before the day shown in the list it means that this model does not have Bluetooth functionality or it has older version installed. Date shown in table depends on when hardware production has started, but not when first lot was sold.

Device Model BT 4.0 manufacture starting date
FMB010 2018.04
FMB001 2018.04
FMB900 2018.08
FMB920 2018.07
FMB964 2019.07
FMB120 2018.01
FMB122 2017.11
FMB125 2017.11