How to debug FMB device over Android smartphone?

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Solution applies for these FM devices[edit]

FMB900 FMB920 FMB001 FMB010 FM3001 FMB110 FMB120 FMB122 FMB125 FMB202 FMB204 FMB962 FMB964 FMT100 FMB640 FMM125 FMM130 FMM640 FMC640 FMU125 FMU130 FMC125 FMC130 TMT250 GH5200

Pair and connect device[edit]

Bluetooth starts automatically when FMB device is on. Take your mobile phone, go to Settings->Bluetooth and turn it on. Scan for nearby devices, find the device in the list, distinguish the device by last IMEI digits on device module. Press pair, wait until device asks to enter pairing password, type: "5555" (as in the example on the figure). Paired device will show up in the paired device list. Download a terminal for Bluetooth e.g. BlueTerm from Play Store/App store. Run app, click Find->Connect to your paired device. Now we need to send a command to FMB from Bluetooth terminal, type: ".log:1"
Device will respond with "Debug enabled" and FMB1YX log will show up. Do not forget to save the log file to mobile phone.

Device debug over Android smartphone[edit]

Fmb120 bt general vis.png

In order to pair FMB device with Android smartphone, make sure that BT radio is enabled (visible) in device configuration. It can be checked via SMS command too:
"getparam 800"
The answer has to be "2", which means "Enabled and visible".

Android bt.png
  • Scan for visible BT devices using your Android smartphone and connect to your FMB device.
    Default FMB BT name is: "FMB1YX_last_7_imei_digits".
    Default PIN code is: "5555".

Android bt serial.png
  • Run "Bluetooth Terminal", in menu press "Connect" and select paired FMB device. To start log check "CR" and enter the command into terminal: ".log:1".
  • Wait ~10 minutes and press "Save" button in menu. You will find the saved log file in device folder "My Files/Bluetooth Terminal", select log files, press "Share via Email" and send them to Teltonika support.

Bw nb.png Unfortunately it is not possible to perform debug the same way on iPhone, because there is no native SPP Bluetooth profile support on iPhone.