RUT950 front and back panels

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This chapter provides a description of the components found on the front and back panels of a RUT950 router.

Front view

No. Description
1 LAN Ethernet ports
Networking rut9xx manual panels front v1.png
2 WAN Ethernet port
5 Power socket
6 Power LED
7 Mobile connection status LED
8 Mobile signal strength indication LEDs

Back view

No. Description
Networking rut9xx manual panels back v1.png
1 LTE antenna connectors
2 WiFi antenna connectors
3 Reset button
4 SIM card slots

Power connector

Power socket pinout
Trb142 power socket pinout v3.png
No. Description Wire color
1 Power Red
2 Ground Black
3 I/O Green
4 I/O White

Main/Aux antenna connectors

LTE main/aux antenna connector positions depend on the product code's seventh symbol. You can find the product code on the bottom of the router, on the packaging or in the WebUI, Status → Device page.

The main/aux antenna dependency on the seventh symbol is explained in the table below:

Seventh symbol Main antenna Aux antenna
A, H, J, K, L, M, P, U (old version*) Left Right
1, 3, 5, 7, 9, B, F, U (new version*) Right Left
0, 2, G Right Left

* main/aux antenna dependency on product code is different for codes beginning with RUT950 U*****. Old versions have the main antenna connector on the left, while new versions have the main antenna connector on the right:

Old panel New panel
Networking rut950 panels main old small.jpg
Networking rut950 panels main new small.jpg