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This page contains various firmware versions for RUTXxx devices.

Firmware Version Changelog
Latest FW* RUTX_R_00.01.06 2019.07.24
Factory FW** RUTX_R_00.01.06 2019.07.24
Bootloader*** - -

* Latest FW - firmware candidate for release. This version will usually contain some new features and/or improvements (described in the Change log section of this article) but it hasn't been fully tested and approved by Teltonika's testing and technical support units.

** Factory FW - firmware used in mass production.

*** Bootloader - a program that loads the operating system or some other system software for the router after completion of the power-on self-tests; it is the loader for the operating system itself. You can find detailed instructions on how to upgrade your Bootloader to a newer version here.

FW checksums

A list of firmware checksums for RUTXxx firmwares uploaded in this page: checksum list

Change Log

RUTX_R_00.01.06 | 2019.07.24

  • New features:
    • Added Wake on LAN feature
    • Added SSTP VPN support
    • Added mobile bridge feature
    • Added Status → Network page
    • Added SIM Switch feature
    • Added SMS Limit feature
    • Added save and restore SIM PIN code from flash
    • Added feature to monitor switch port events
    • Added Events Reporting send to RMS functionality
    • Added FOTA support for RUTX08, RUTX10, RUTX11
    • Added Modbus TCP master function
  • Improvements
    • Added microcontroller version information
    • Updated Wireless page design and WiFi widget in overview page
    • Updated Overview widget style
    • Updated stm32 firmware
    • Updated LED logic
    • Changed check for new FW logic
    • WebUI style updates
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed multiwan function. Changed firewall traffic control to routing rules control
    • NTP time zone display fix
    • LED functionality fix
    • Changed time function used for rollback timestamps
    • Login form updated and other fixes
    • Fixed firmware update checksum mismatch
    • lua error on map when GPS is disabled fix
    • Firmware update percentage and check box fix
    • LAN interface creation with short names fix
    • WAN state and IP print fixes
    • OpenVPN new port save in firewall rule fix
    • RUT FOTA bug fixes

RUTX_R_00.01.04.5 | 2019.06.14

  • Improvements:
    • Revert settings logic updated
  • Fix:
    • Firmware update checksum mismatch fix
    • DHCP dnsmasq fix
    • Wireless improvements and bug fixes
    • Increased RMS HTTP Proxy resource limit

RUTX_R_00.01.04.1 | 2019.05.17

  • New features:
    • Add initial wireless support
    • Added SNMP support
    • Added Advanced Routing functionality
    • Added L2TP VPN
    • Added PPTP VPN
  • Improvements:
    • Added signal strength logging and reporting to Events Log
    • Added authentic firmware check
    • OpenSSL updated to version 1.0.2r
  • Fixes:
    • Wireless improvements and bug fixes
    • Fixed IPSec Phase 1 and Phase 2 keys lifetime not saving bug
    • Input Output improvements and bug fixes
    • Fixed router values sent from SMS utilities
    • WebUI style fixes
    • Fixed RMS proxy multiform submits

RUTX_R_00.01.03 | 2019.04.25

  • New features:
    • Adapted WebUI for RUTX08
    • Added DMVPN support
    • Added HTTP support
    • Added SMS message input field validation and counter
    • Added UPnP support
    • Added GRE Tunnel support
    • Implemented dynamic routing with BGP, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP and NHRP protocols
    • Added manual network band lock support
    • Added Events Log
    • Added Events Reporting
  • Improvements
    • Updated OpenVPN client count to 20
    • WebUI style updates
  • Fixes:
    • Profile scheduler fixes
    • Mobile service crash fix
    • Ping Reboot IP field validation fix
    • LED functionality related fixes

RUTX_R_00.01.02 | 2019.03.19

  • New features:
    • Added configuration profiles
    • Updated WebUI style
    • Added Reboot button
  • Improvements:
    • curl updated to version 7.64.0
    • openssl updated to version 1.0.2q
    • dropbear updated to version 2018.76
    • busybox updated to version 1.28.3
    • ustream-ssl updated to latest version
    • OpenVPN updated to version 2.4.6
    • OpenVPN-Easy-RSA updated to version 3.0.4
    • ubus updated to version 2018-10-06
    • uhttpd updated to version 2018-11-28
    • NTP updated to version 4.2.8p12
  • Fixes:
    • Root CA validation and page style fixes
    • Hardware compatibility check fix
    • DDNS force IP renew fix
    • Site Blocking enable column fix
    • Don't show rules in Load Balancing mode when in failover page fix

RUTX_R_00.01.01 | 2019.02.05

  • New features:
    • Initial firmware release