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Inputs and outputs are used for monitoring and controlling a connected device or receiving signals from that device in order to trigger certain events. This chapter is an overview of the Input/Output section for TRB141 routers.


TRB141 has eighteen input/output pins, two of them can be found inside the power socket and the rest sixteen are on the side of the device. A list of Input/Output electric characteristics inherent in TRB141 routers can be found bellow.

Power Socket Pins

Networking trb141 manual I-O power v1.png

  • Power pin: +9 ... +30 VDC positive power input.
  • Ground pin: negative/ground connection from power supply.
  • I/0 pins: programmable Input/Output pins (Open Collector output, max 30V or Digital input where 0-7.3 V is detected as logical "0", 7.3-30 V is detected as logical "1").

Connector Pins

Networking trb141 manual I-O socket v1.png

  • DI1 and DI2 are DRY/WET configurable inputs. WET: 0-1.9 V is detected as logical "0", 1.9-3.8 V is detected as logical "1". DRY: Logical "0" is detected when input is shorted to GND, otherwise input is detected as logical "1".
  • NC1* C1* and NO1* are respectively Normally Closed, Common and Normally Open contacts of internal Relay 1 and Relay 2. Maximum relay ratings: 250 VAC/220 VDC, 2A.
  • A is ADC input. Analog voltage range 0 - 30 V. Input can be configured for 4-20mA sensor protocol as current measurement of 0 - 30 mA.
  • l and are isolated input contacts. 0-7.3 V is detected as logical "0", 7.3-71 V is detected as logical "1".
  • + is power output connected directly to gateway's power supply input pin. This Output can be used for powering external 4-20 mA current sensor.
  • 3.8 is 3.8V power output which can be used to power 1-Wire sensors when needed.
  • 1W 1-Wire protocol input/output.
  • is GND contact.

Input/Output Status

Bellow is an example of I/O settings window:

Here you can change settings like type Dry/Wet, Input/Output and state Open/Closed, OFF/ON. Also you can find all the details about the pins.