How to add devices to RMS?

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Main Page > Network products > RMS > RMS FAQ > How to add devices to RMS?

To add a new device(s) to RMS, go to the RMS web page, Left sidebar panel, (Management → Overview) and click on Overview submenu.

Scroll your mouse pointer to the Top control Devices menu and select Add device (Devices → Add device).

RMS-device-menu-left-sidebar-panel.jpg RMS-top-menu-add-device.jpg

Watch the instructional GIF below to learn how to add new device(s) to RMS. You also can watch a Youtube tutorial: Adding a new device to RMS


Step by step instructions[edit]

Alternatively read these step by step instructions to learn how to add new device(s).

  1. Make sure you router has internet connection RMS WebUI settings
  2. Leave the Enable auto license checkmark checked.
  3. In the pop-up box select your company.
  4. Choose the device's type (RUT or TRB).
  5. Type a custome name for your device
  6. Enter the device's serial number*, LAN MAC Address* (IMEI* for TRB).
  7. Click Add button to add new device(s).
  8. Wait for about a minute for the system to finish adding the device(s). You will know the process is finished when the word "Done" appears under the Status field.
  9. After closing pop-up window you will see the newly added device(s) a the top of device table.


  • Click the plus (Rms plus symbol.png) symbol to add more than one device.
  • Enable auto license checkmark - if checked, a license will automatically be assigned to the added device (if there are any available).
  • You can close the pop-up window earlier if you wish.
  • When the status circle turns green, the system will have finished adding the device to RMS.


Locating serial, MAC, IMEI[edit]

You can find the serial number, LAN MAC address and IMEI on the device's package or in the WebUI, in the System → Administration → RMS page. As an example visit RUT230 Administration RMS page.

Important! Make sure you are using LAN MAC address when adding a device to RMS.

RMS WebUI settings[edit]

Although Teltonika devices have RMS service enabled by default. But make sure to set the Connection type field to the Enabled on the device(s) that you are trying to add. You can do that from the System → Administration → RMS.


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