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[[File:Networking faq autoapn configuration v1.png]]
[[File:Networking faq autoapn configuration v1.png]]
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[[Category:RUT FAQ]]

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How does Auto APN work

Teltonika devices have an Auto APN feature that allows the device to analyze the SIM card. And automatically select the correct APN information from a pre-loaded database. This function reduces the time required to configure the device in different locations with different providers.

How to configure Auto APN

Auto APN is enabled by default. But if you have just inserted the SIM card you might need to restart (RUT9XX/RUT2XX) routers modem first (Status/Mobile/Mobile Information).


  1. Open your routers WebUI.
  2. Go to Network / Mobile.
  3. Deselect / Select the checkmark Auto.

Networking faq autoapn configuration v1.png