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Main Page > Network products > RMS > RMS Manual > RMS - Licenses tab > RMS - Device monitoring


Device monitoring is an essential page to manage your device monitoring status. You can disable/enable single device monitoring by using a slider on the right side of the table. Or disable/enable multiple device monitoring at the same time using top control menu options.

On this page, you will get a summary for your license status for your devices. Information is provided in licenses remaining, license coverage and in columns license type and license expiration date respectively.


If you have a new device with a free license, toggling monitoring off/on will not affect the license status.

Temporary disabling device monitoring will not free up your monthly license. The license will be bound to a particular device for the rest of the month. When monitoring gets re-enabled, the device will continue using the same license for the rest of the month. If the device stays disabled (not monitored), on the following month no more licenses will get consumed.

  • One RMS license - gives a month of monitoring for one device.


This page offers various options on how to can disable and enable device monitoring. The best approach depends on the number of devices you want to manage.

  1. Monitoring column sliders - for a couple of devices you can click on the slider to disable/enable.
  2. Top control menu - if you have ten or more devices, just mark the top checkbox to select all devices. Then proceed to the top control menu and click on Monitoring / (Turn On / Turn Off).


Device filtering - when there are hundreds of devices in your list and you want to disable specific ones. For example for a specific model, company, tag. Go to right customization panel and filter the specific devices you want to disable/enable.



Licenses remaining - remaining licenses that belong to your company. Licenses get used at the beginning of every month for each device that was active the previous month. Brand new devices come with a free trial license that is valid for one month. After it ends a license will automatically get assigned from your license pool.

Monitored devices - devices that have licenses assigned. Unmonitored devices will not connect to RMS until licenses get assigned to them.

License coverage - date until the last of your licenses expire. Below you can find an example of how calculations are made.