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{{Template: Networking_device_firmware
{{Template: Networking_device_firmware
| series          = RUT9xx
| series          = RUT9xx
| name_latest    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.1
| name_latest    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3
| file_latest    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.1_WEBUI.bin
| file_latest    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3_WEBUI.bin
| date_latest    = 2019.07.31
| date_latest    = 2019.08.14
| name_factory    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04
| name_factory    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3
| file_factory    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04_WEBUI.bin
| file_factory    = RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3_WEBUI.bin
| date_factory    = 2019.07.24
| date_factory    = 2019.08.14
| name_bootloader = RUT9XX Bootloader version 3.0.1
| name_bootloader = RUT9XX Bootloader version 3.0.1
| file_bootloader = Uboot for tlt rut9xx 3.0.1.zip
| file_bootloader = Uboot for tlt rut9xx 3.0.1.zip
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===Change Log===
===Change Log===
===='''[[Media:RUT9XX R WEBUI.bin|RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3]]''' | 2019.08.14 ====
* Fix:
** Removed APB type 'mms' from database
** Network Frequency Bands SIM1/SIM2 tab disappearing fix
** Service mode validation fix
** Automatic APN save fix
** Mobile Username/Password read & write fix
** LTE B20 band showing up twice fix
** SIM2 tab APN write fix
** SIM2 tab Authentication method does not show up fix
** Enable automatic APN selection by default
===='''[[Media:RUT9XX R WEBUI.bin|RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.1]]''' | 2019.07.31 ====
===='''[[Media:RUT9XX R WEBUI.bin|RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.1]]''' | 2019.07.31 ====

Latest revision as of 14:01, 14 August 2019

Main Page > Network products > RUT955 > RUT9xx Firmware

This page contains various firmware versions for RUT9xx devices.

Firmware Version Changelog
Latest FW* RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3 2019.08.14
Factory FW** RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3 2019.08.14
Bootloader*** RUT9XX Bootloader version 3.0.1 2017.02.14

* Latest FW - firmware candidate for release. This version will usually contain some new features and/or improvements (described in the Change log section of this article) but it hasn't been fully tested and approved by Teltonika's testing and technical support units.

** Factory FW - firmware used in mass production.

*** Bootloader - a program that loads the operating system or some other system software for the router after completion of the power-on self-tests; it is the loader for the operating system itself. You can find detailed instructions on how to upgrade your Bootloader to a newer version here.

FW checksums

A list of firmware checksums for RUT9xx firmwares uploaded in this page: checksum list

Change Log

RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.3 | 2019.08.14

  • Fix:
    • Removed APB type 'mms' from database
    • Network Frequency Bands SIM1/SIM2 tab disappearing fix
    • Service mode validation fix
    • Automatic APN save fix
    • Mobile Username/Password read & write fix
    • LTE B20 band showing up twice fix
    • SIM2 tab APN write fix
    • SIM2 tab Authentication method does not show up fix
    • Enable automatic APN selection by default

RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.1 | 2019.07.31

  • Fixes:
    • Mobile Bridge and Passthrough mode keep settings fix

RUT9XX_R_00.06.04 | 2019.07.24

  • Improvements
    • All VPN services styles were unified
    • Added Slovenia to operator country list
  • Fixes:
    • SMS Gateway: Removed new line add after configuration save
    • Fixed Montenegro operators
    • SMS Utilities Mobile/WiFi on & off commands fixed
    • SMS Utilities UCI API rule fixes
    • Modbus Mobile/WiFi on & off commands fixed
    • DDNS service restart fix
    • Data limit validation fixes
    • Hotspot Logging disable fix
    • Some grammar mistake fixes
    • Disappearing 'Load Balancing/WAN Failover' option fix
    • Fixed spammy WiFi logging
    • On action 'reboot' allow a minimum of 5 minutes interval fix for Wget reboot
    • Load Balancing re-ordering and deletion fix, added validation for policy name
    • Operator control, determine APN from SIM IMSI number
    • WAN state and IP print fixes
    • DDNS name existence check fix
    • Ping Reboot packet size 0 fix
    • Added validation to prevent very large-files from being uploaded and taking up all the space in RAM
    • Hotspot external landing page de-selection fix
    • Input/Output Periodic Control fixes
    • Port forwarding with prefix /31 fix

RUT9XX_R_00.06.03.2 | 2019.06.10

  • New features:
    • Added port logging
    • Added upload backup from lower firmware version support
    • Added 4-pin I/O support for new RUT9 models
    • Introduced auto APN selection feature
    • Added SNMP GET requests for LAN1/LAN2/LAN3/WAN (or LAN4) status
    • Hotspot TOS HTML support added
    • GPL Teltonika 'twStreamApp' API for ThingWorx added
    • Added UDP support for serial connections
  • Improvements:
    • Updated uci to version 2018-08-11
    • Updated ubus to version 2018-10-06
    • Updated ubox to version 2019-04-07
    • Updated libubox to version 2019-02-27
    • Updated openssl to version 1.0.2r
    • Updated busybox to version 1.30.1
    • Updated dropbear to version 2019.78
    • Added reply after mobileon and mobileoff SMS Utilities commands
    • Added access control disable confirmation
    • Added data limit information in Hotspot landing page
    • Modbus: added busy status return code while actions are executed
    • GPS: added support for Input/Output
    • Expanded VRRP configuration to support virtual MAC
    • Added -U parameter to gsmctl for ussd commands
  • Fixes:
    • Mobile page fix
    • Increased RMS HTTP Proxy resource limit
    • Fixed LED indication setting
    • Fixed input validation issues
    • Mobile traffic graph fixes
    • SIM Idle Protection test fix
    • Services: Remove GRE and Hotspot from Status → Services window
    • GPS speed calculation fix
    • Mobile: set 1st context to IPv4
    • RS232/RS485 service reload fixes
    • Bootloader URL update
    • Email to SMS validation and larger SMS send fix
    • Fixed LED signal issue when reporting invalid signal
    • Main WAN routes overwritten when USB Modem is used fix
    • Added explanation text to operator control
    • Remove WEP encryption method
    • Cloud4wi profile fixes
    • IPSec 'Allow WebUI access' with 'Redirect to HTTPS' fix
    • SMS Utilities User group validation fix
    • GPS Map was made compatible with Edge browser
    • GPS Tab order fix
    • Wireless regulatory domain and channel change fix
    • GRE and GPS start/stop fix
    • Minor NHRP bug fixes
    • XHR authentication fixes
    • DMVPN lua bug fix
    • SMS Forwarding clarified WebUI options
    • Hotspot local users data limit fix
    • Setup Wizard Mobile 'Dialing number' disappears after save fix
    • Setup Wizard: Validation fix
    • Wireless SSID validation fix
    • Bidirect mode connection problems fix
    • GPS & SNMP Trap link fixes
    • Validation for GRE Tunnel interface name added
    • Force band validation fix
    • VRRP status window fix
    • PPTP server configuration when upgrading from old firmwares with keep-settings enabled fix
    • Added GPS geofencing coordinate validation
    • Added error return codes for fault conditions, changed writing register numbers for Modbus
    • Fixed GPS time synchronization
    • Output - Periodic Control form not visible on Chromium fix
    • SIM Switch on mobile data limit fix
    • Load Balancing validation for port numbers fixed, modified warning message
    • Overview Bytes sent/received count fix
    • Fixed sending data to AVL server
    • OpenVPN configuration name fix
    • DMVPN configuration count validation fix
    • IPSec LAN access fix
    • After editing WAN interface, redirect back to WAN page fix
    • Wireless STA scanning when all AP are down fix
    • SMS Gateway auto reply page fixes
    • NTP time zone options fix
    • Wake on LAN validation to prevent shell command execution via 'name' field
    • GPS Input/Output SMS send fix
    • RMS HTTPS proxy fix
    • Fixed RMS WAN State and WAN IP
    • MQTT bridge with SSL/TLS connection fix
    • Use DNS servers advertised by peer not saving fix
    • Wget reboot logging fixes
    • Periodic Control do not show timeout if it is disabled fix
    • QoS speed limitation fix
    • Added additional band support for some models

RUT9XX_R_00.06.02.2 | 2019.04.23

  • Fixes:
    • GPS related fixes
    • SDK compilation fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.06.02 | 2019.04.05

  • New features:
    • Added Modbus master feature
    • Added Modbus data sender feature
    • Added NMEA forwarding, Geofencing, NTP calculation, AVL forwarding, HTTPS forwarding, other satellite support to GPS functionality
    • Added DMVPN service
    • Impelemented NHRP protocol
  • Improvements:
    • Updated xl2tpd to version 1.3.13
    • Added "use as default gateway" option to SSTP
    • Added XT25F128B flash support
    • Shared-keys option added to Strongswan
    • Auto option selection added to Strongswan
    • Added GRE Tunnel source selection from interfaces and ability to write in the local IP
    • Added ability to create VLAN 0
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Event Log reporting over FTP
    • Multiple OpenVPN fixes
    • IPSec start order fix
    • IPSec configuration loss fix
    • IPSec sha512 and sha384 support fix
    • IPSec IKEv2 restart loop fix
    • L2TP stability issue fixes
    • L2TP service restart after config change fix
    • USB to serial multiple minor bug fix
    • Samba multiple bug fix
    • Wireless Station availability when two or more Access Points are created fix
    • Input/Output analog calculator fix
    • Wget Reboot disable fix
    • SMS Utilities, 'more' command SMS text customisation fix
    • SMS Utilities GPS ON/OFF fix
    • SMS Utilities 'uci show' command fix
    • Multiple SMS Utilities remote configuration fixes
    • Use WAN as LAN fix
    • Wake on LAN use WAN as LAN fix
    • Authorization on LTE network fix
    • Restore Point file download fix
    • LED issue when rebooting router with reset button fix
    • LED issue when there is no connection fix
    • SSTP interface up after being disabled fix
    • MQTT Publisher WAN IP retrieval fix
    • Static leases, MAC address list fix
    • Static Routes, PPTP interface creation fix
    • SMS Utilities User groups synonymous numbers '00XXX' & '+XXX' fix
    • Hotspot Restricted Internet Access fix
    • Hotspot session in use by user deletion fix+
    • Hotspot Walled Garden fix
    • Hotspot Statistics window contains non-hostpots fix
    • Hotspot authentication mode validation fix
    • VLAN, LAN Network configuration backup fix
    • VRRP fix
    • Call utilities, mobile data ON/OFF without config write fix
    • MQTT multiple bug fixes
    • Output Scheduler fix
    • Profiles: output scheduler update fix
    • Maximum length SMS message send fix
    • DDNS sleep after check interval and force interval fix

RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.4 | 2019.03.12

  • Fixes:
    • Samba fix

RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.3 | 2019.03.08

  • Fixes:
    • Special case 3G to 4G fix

RUT9XX_R_00.06.00.2 | 2019.03.07

  • New features:
    • Added Wake on LAN feature
    • Added SMS Utilities Wake on LAN rule
    • Added Global module connection support
  • Improvements:
    • Changed RMS communication protocol to MQTT from OpenVPN
    • Added informational text to Proxy based content blocker page
    • Improved wording in Load Restore Point section
    • Updated curl to version 7.64.0
    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2q
  • Fixes:
    • UPNP not starting, reappearing leases fixes
    • Removed NOTRACK from firewall rules
    • RS232/RS485: allow DNS NTRIP address
    • DDNS Process kill fix
    • Multiwan fix
    • Added rule validation to Load Balancing
    • rpcd broken pipe fix
    • Daily mobile traffic deletion fix
    • Fixed mobile traffic logging graph issues
    • CLI Connect button fix
    • Data only SIM support fix
    • Limit guard Widget fix
    • Sodog related fixes
    • Hotspot Advertisement address error message fix
    • SSTP fix
    • SIM switch related fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.05.04 | 2019.01.14

  • Improvements:
    • Added IP allocation for users in L2TP server
    • SMS utilities add 'more' functionality
    • Added modem band display in Mobile page
  • Fixes:
    • Remote access information fix
    • Fixed static route application for PPTP, L2TP servers
    • Fixed PPTP passwords file override
    • L2TP IP-range change fix
    • Fixed firewall rules that apply for hotspot firewall zone
    • SMS Utilities web access control rule fix
    • Wireless status and mobile uptime fixes
    • Fixed active connections on Fallback WAN
    • Fixed routing table display
    • Setup Wizard LAN DHCP fields not hidden when DHCP is unchecked fix
    • Fixed GRE Tunnel connection
    • Fixed static routes table view with VPN interfaces
    • Enabled NTP to run server and client simultaneously

RUT9XX_R_00.05.03.4 | 2018.12.20

  • Fixes:
    • SSH security fix
    • Mobile page fix

RUT9XX_R_00.05.03.3 | 2018.12.11

  • New features:
    • Added SSTP VPN protocol
    • Added force network bands support for RUT9xx H*****, U***** and T***** product codes
    • Added STunnel feature to VPN services
  • Improvements:
    • Added every WAN interface selection to QoS
    • Updated VRRP to latest version
    • Added MAC address range support for WiFi MAC filter
  • Fixes:
    • Enabled "Enter" key on login form
    • Mobile WAN IP display in overview
    • SMS status WAN IP with multiwan fix
    • Fixed WAN failover metrics and priorities
    • Some additional WAN failover fixes
    • Update Teltonika contact address in Licenses page
    • Fixed lua dispatcher error after reboot
    • Overview OpenVPN widget fix
    • Associated wireless stations display fix
    • PPTP default gateway set and delete fix
    • GRE Tunnel delete after button press fix
    • L2TP network restart after L2TP connection loss fix
    • Wireless connection loop fix
    • Modem related updates
    • Disabled DHCP request in bridge mode
    • Keep data limit count after firmware upgrade with keep settings fix
    • WiFi STA+AP fix
    • GPS related fix
    • SNMP signal value type and memory leak fixes
    • Modbus serial read gateway timeout fix
    • Modbus set APN and memory leak fix
    • Serial over IP ASCII full character support fix
    • SMS Utilities check for incoming SMS fix
    • Events Reporting firmware upgrade fix
    • Mobile WAN IP fix
    • L2TP network restart after client delete with default gateway set fix
    • Hotspot user validation fix
    • Added OpenVPN service restart when TLS Password is changed
    • Redirect to different LAN IP after configuration backup, restore and firmware upgrade fix
    • NTP time synchronisation after WebUI configuration fix
    • Setup wizard wireless channel select fix
    • Data collection counter fixes
    • Fixed inactive SNMP Input/Output traps
    • SNMP Hotspot and serial values fix
    • Log to flash limited to 1MB

RUT9XX_R_00.05.02.6 | 2018.11.05

  • Fixes:
    • Overview mobile WAN IP display fix

RUT9XX_R_00.05.02.5 | 2018.10.26

  • Fixes:
    • Removed ability to use username and password without APN
    • Updated to latest modem version
    • Changed dhcp usage on mobile interface

RUT9XX_R_00.05.02.3 | 2018.10.22

  • New features:
    • Added event log entry when clearing mobile data limit
  • Fixes:
    • Data limit calculation fixes
    • SIM switch: data limit check fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.05.02.2 | 2018.10.12

  • Fixes:
    • Troubleshoot: sensitive information (usernames and passwords) removal from router configuration
    • DDNS IP source changing fix
    • Overview VRRP widget status fix
    • OpenVPN name validation with special symbols check fix
    • SMS Forwarding number check with 00 code with listed numbers fix
    • Overview SMS counter widget fixes
    • Firewall and UPnP page display fixes
    • Periodic SIM Switch check fix
    • Operator selection fix
    • SNMP MIB values and file format fix
    • OpenVPN configuration section name compatibility fix
    • Call Utilities: 4G-only mode warning fix
    • Mobile traffic data usage delete fix
    • Disabled passthrough and bridge selection when multiwan is enabled
    • Log to flash limited to 1MB

RUT9XX_R_00.05.02 | 2018.10.01

  • New features:
    • Added Relayd function
    • Added ability to create multiple geofencing zones
    • Added support for NTFS disks
    • Enabled diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 key exchange algorithm
  • Improvements
    • Changed default VLAN to vid 0, added ability to tag WAN port
    • Added ebgp-multihop option to BGP
    • Added Modbus parameters for GPS information
    • Added custom IPsec option field
    • Disabled Hotspot users ability to reach LAN devices and WebUI
    • WAN Failover: add option to execute command
    • Made Wired (Main) + Mobile (Failover) as default configuration
    • Enabled connection to RMS by default
    • Some RMS page updates
    • Added default LAN IPv6 address
  • Fix:
    • OpenVPN server authentication change fix
    • Events reporting rule enable fix
    • PPTP use as default gateway option fix
    • Language translation fixes
    • RS232/RS485 synchronization bug fix when using NTRIP with GPS coordinates
    • Operator list fixes
    • USB to Serial firewall rules fix
    • SMS Utilities rule not enabled exit fix
    • MQTT remote address datatype fix
    • GSMD: remove old info from help
    • Some Hotspot functionality fixes
    • Input/Output User groups fix
    • DHCP server lease time fix
    • Dynamic routes fixes
    • Static Routes fix
    • Mobile Passthrough mode fix
    • Events Log Report configuration validation fixes
    • WiFi updates and security fixes
    • Overview WAN wiki link fix
    • Overview Hotspot widget fix
    • SIM Idle Protection Test WAN IP fix
    • Samba network share discovery fix
    • SIM card switch on data limit fix
    • Mobile data bytes reset on 4GB fix
    • Hotspot start after reboot fix

RUT9XX_R_00.05.01.8 | 2018.09.10

  • Fixes:
    • Config restore fix
    • RS-232 serial over IP fix
    • CLI fix for RMS

RUT9XX_R_00.05.01.5 | 2018.08.02

  • New features:
    • Added PDU forwarding function
    • Added new logic for operator whitelist/blacklist
    • Updated mobile operator database
    • Added Firmware update information
    • Added information text in Emailt to SMS page
    • Added wiki link to an IP type next to WAN IP
    • Added Graphs/Signal strength: UMTS network type signal
    • Added Operators list: periodic network scan if fail to connect to operator on first time
    • Added SLIP protocol with slattach software into the router
    • Added automatic IP refresh in WAN page
    • Added VLAN LAN IP start and end automatic update
  • Fixes:
    • DDNS Force update
    • Configuration Wizard: LAN page redirect fix
    • Overview: WAN IP fix
    • Fixed Troubleshoot: TCP dump
    • Access Control: Add Redirect to HTTPS information
    • Service Status: QoS status
    • Hotspot: Parameter validation
    • Overview: OpenVPN widget
    • PPTP: Fix interface metric on multiwan with PPTP
    • Nerwork -> WAN Mode translate
    • DHCP range display in VLAN page
    • Change 'Backup WAN' to 'WAN Failover'
    • Linux: CVE-2017-18017
    • OpenVPN: remote IP address validation to not include route LAN subnet
    • GRE: updated keep alive to work with cisco routers
    • WebUI: NTP Time servers page fix
    • Call Utilities: reboot action partial message
    • WebUI: sim_switch: add ICMP host field validation
    • Hotspot: data limit fix
    • Security: CLI: updated shellinabox to 2.20, changed CLI WebUI page
    • WebUI: DDNS: Force IP renew
    • WebUI: SMS counter widget
    • WebUI: Hotspot: security
    • PPP: add default route
    • WebUI: Hotspot: Protocol and HTTPS redirect option
    • WebUI: Mobile Traffic Usage Logging
    • WebUI: Administration added hostname length limit (32 symbols)
    • OpenVPN: Add RMS service fix
    • libgsm: Prevent crash on failed libusb init
    • uHTTPd: Disable stderr option
    • SMS Utilities: Prevent crash when reading config
    • Mobile: Service mode selection fix (Mantis ID: 0021909)
    • WebUI: Prevent redirection to HTTPS by default
    • WebUI: Add hint when accessing CLI without certificate
    • SMS Utilities: Prevent stopping application on empty reports config
    • CLI: Use correct service port

RUT9XX_R_00.05.00.5 | 2018.05.30

  • New features:
    • Added forced password change
    • New firmware versioning system
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed SMS PDU decoding sender number
    • Fixed RMS connection status display in Overview window
    • SIM Switching fix
    • Updated Hotspot login page parameters (MAC parameter)

RUT9XX_R_00.04.233 | 2018.04.26

  • Fixes:
    • Minor Hotspot fixes (CVE-2018-17532)
    • Minor SIM Switch fixes
    • Minor opkg fix and package update

RUT9XX_R_00.04.199 | 2018.04.18

  • Improvements:
    • Upgraded SIM Switch speed
    • Upgraded OpenVPN with the possibility to upload CRL files
    • Added IP aliases description and advanced features
    • Added additional DPD option to IPsec configuration
  • Fixes:
    • Disabled saving password with the Enter key on WebUI
    • Firewall User Script fix
    • OpenVPN TLS clients fix
    • Some IPsec functionality fixes
    • Fixed all VPN shutdown on delete
    • Mobile Passthrough mode bad netmask fix
    • Call Utilities write to config fix
    • Minor Input/Output fixes
    • Fixed RMS connection retry time
    • Signal Strength display fix for HSDPA+HSUPA network type

RUT9XX_R_00.04.172 | 2018.04.10

  • New features:
    • Added RMS connection page to Setup Wizard
    • Added link to Teltonika wiki in the router's WebUI
    • Updated Overview conifugration with Remote Monitoring widget and wiki icon
  • Improvements:
    • Upgraded to faster SIM switching logic
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed OpenVPN TLS/Password client route pushing
    • Fixed GPS bug that caused 100 % CPU usage when using I/O
    • Fixed password saving with the "Enter" key
    • Removed RS485 echo
    • Fixed Event Log bug that caused Call events not showing up in the log
    • Fixed SMS-Utilities openvpn status rule

RUT9XX_R_00.04.161 | 2018.03.26

  • Improvements:
    • Improved SSH security
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed deleting SMS messages function in SMS Utilities
    • QoS bug fix that caused it to work even if it was disabled
    • LTE only mobile data connection fix
    • Minor Kernel fix
    • Minor functionality fixes for when there is no SIM card inserted

RUT9XX_R_00.04.153 | 2018.03.16

  • Fixes:
    • IPsec fix for use with multiple WANs
    • Fixed a bug that caused different WAN IPs to be displayed in the Overview and WAN windows
    • SMS Forwarding to HTTP fix
    • SMS Utilities functionality fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.04.147 | 2018.03.08

  • New features:
    • Added L2TP tunnel watchdog.
  • Fixes:
    • PPP connection type fix
    • SMS Utilites vpnon/vpnoff rule fixes
    • Added GRE-Tunnel fix that prevents problems when switching profiles
    • OpenVPN status display fix
    • SMS Forwarding to Email fix

RUT9XX_R_00.04.125 | 2018.02.27

  • Improvements:
    • Added ICCID print, for dynamic parameters
    • Added reload function for GRE Tunnel if SIM Switch ocured
    • Added SIM card option for GRE tunnel
  • Fixes:
    • SMS Utilities forward to HTTP fix
    • Network Shares USB drive safe removal fix
    • Some changes to config hierarchy
    • Wget Reboot fix
    • Input/Output SIM Switch rule fix

RUT9XX_R_00.04.112 | 2018.02.20

  • Fixes:
    • Small fix for HTTPS access when DMZ is enabled
    • Updates to Firmware Upgrade verification
    • L2TP unused UCI option removed
    • Minor fixes to VPN use with Multiwan
    • Format style fixes for VPN pages

RUT9XX_R_00.04.103 | 2018.02.14

  • Fixes:
    • SMS Counter database fix
    • IP renewal by APN fix
    • Firmware verification bug fix
    • Call Utilities rule enable fix
    • Wget Reboot modem restart fix

RUT9XX_R_00.04.94 | 2018.02.12

  • New features:
    • Added Printer Server functionality that allows control of a printer that connects to the router via USB cable
  • Improvements:
    • Improved RS232/RS485 Over IP function so that the server can communicate with multiple clients at the same time
    • Added automatic Firewall rules that allow remote access to the router's WebUI when DMZ is enabled
  • Fixes:
    • Some minor Samba fixes in the WebUI
    • OpenVPN username and password validation fix
    • Fixed VPN service restart when in use with Multiwan
    • Site Blocking file parsing fix
    • Some updates to the router's config file system
    • Firmware check fix

RUT9XX_R_00.04.75 | 2018.01.30

  • Fixes:
    • APN bug fix
    • Added modem Firmware update package
    • Some minor OpenVPN username and password requirement fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.04.64 | 2018.01.23

  • Improvements:
    • SMS Utilities rule configuration pages supplemented with information about SMS text format
    • Disable NAT function moved from VPN to Firewall page
  • Fixes:
    • Minor fix to Hotspot functionality
    • Minor fixes to Firewall confg
    • Fixed Mobile Data Limit byte count storage
    • RS232/RS485 Modbus functionality fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.04.57 | 2018.01.17

  • Improvements:
    • Added special character support for OpenVPN tunnel names
    • Added binero.se to DDNS service list
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Write to config function for SMS Utilities mobileoff rule

RUT9XX_R_00.04.48 | 2018.01.12

  • New features:
    • Added RS232 over IP serial data as email feature
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed MQTT bug where you couldn't remove TLS/SSL option once selected
    • Fixed GPS hostname data type check
    • Fixed DHCP lease time validation in LAN and Setup Wizard
    • Updated IPsec stop function
    • Site blocking White List fix
    • Modem GPS related bug fix

RUT9XX_R_00.04.38 | 2018.01.08

  • Fixes:
    • Changed Mobile Data Limit representation in the Overview window
    • Fixed GPS Fix status display bug

RUT9XX_R_00.04.32 | 2018.01.04

  • New features:
    • Added Wget Reboot function
    • Added RS232/485 initiation string option for Modem mode
  • Fixes:
    • Samba user creation fix. Added a user limit of 2999 users
    • Some minor grammatical and data type fixes in the router's WebUI
    • Added a function that restarts services when using the SMS Utilities uci rule
    • Input/Output Scheduler backup fix
    • Some fixes to the style of the Administration page
    • Network Operators White List fix
    • Mobile connection stability fix

RUT9XX_R_00.04.12 | 2017.12.22

  • New features:
    • Added IPsec support for multiple clients
  • Improvements:
    • Updated troubleshoot package with IPsec status
    • Added WebUI notice for SIM Switch on Data limit
    • IPsec instances limit set to 5
    • Dynamic list limit set to 100
  • Fixes:
    • Wi-Fi security fix
    • Firmware update fix due to 04 FW version
    • SIM Switch back to primary SIM after Data or SMS limit fix
    • Fixed bug that didn't allow hostnames to be used as Ping Reboot

RUT9XX_R_00.03.985 | 2017.12.14

  • New features:
    • Added left and right firewall options to IPsec configuration
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed some minor grammatical errors
    • SIM PIN bug fix
    • Some minor fixes to SMS and Call Utilities
    • Fixed loading gif spinner bug that caused it to spin endlessly
    • SMS Gateway form validation fixes
    • Post/Get configuration fix
    • Fixed empty value insertion for IPsec local LAN
    • Fixed iptables rule that didn't allow Limit Guard to account traffic
    • Some minor PPTP Server and Client fixes
    • Fixed mobile disconnection bug

RUT9XX_R_00.03.965 | 2017.12.07

  • New Features:
    • Added NAT Helper control page to the Firewall section
  • Improvements:
    • Added IPsec Multiwan support for transport mode
  • Fixes:
    • Changed data type for storing Data limit network stats
    • Added some default Firewall rules needed for SIM Switch
    • SIM Switch on Data limit now uses limit_guard for counting data
    • Some stylistic changes to router's WebUI
    • Fixed Call Utilities calling from User Group bug
    • Fixed OpenVPN Static key bug

RUT9XX_R_00.03.946 | 2017.12.01

  • New features:
    • Added OpenVPN Client key decryption password field
  • Improvements:
    • Updated Dynamic DNS service
  • Fixes:
    • OpenVPN Server configuration save fix
    • Multiple PPTP clients in LAN fix
    • Fixed Realtime Traffic graphs with PPP type connection
    • Fixed PPP connection type data usage collecting

RUT9XX_R_00.03.923 | 2017.11.24

  • Fixes:
    • Wi-Fi Station with WPA-Enterprise fix
    • Fixed Wi-Fi Access Point SSID mismatch when adding new Access Points
    • Fixed no data connection bug when Operator is added to the White List
    • Added fix that makes sure password fields glow red after entering incorrect data
    • Fixed SMS Utilities bug that caused Router Name not being displayed in status messages
    • SMS Counter fix
    • Some security fixes
    • Some modem functionality fixes that prevent not switching to LTE
    • SIM Switch logic fixes

RUT9XX_R_00.03.906 | 2017.11.20

  • New features:
    • Added WPA-Enterprise support
    • Added Hotspot Landing page URL parameters config
    • Added Host list file feature that allows uploading a list of hosts to Site Blocking and Proxy Based Content Blocker
    • Added RS232/RS485 Serial type: Modem option
    • Added SNMPv3 support
    • Added Huawei USB modem support added
  • Fixes:
    • Added reboot patch for Event Log messages
    • Use IPv4 Only fix that caused not using default context ID
    • Fixed reboot with button issue
    • Added Multiwan checking for L2TP fix
    • Added default static route selection for L2TP
    • Some kernel logging fixes
    • Updated iptables 1.4.21 release to 2
    • Updated busybox package to 1.24.2
    • Fixed OpenVPN NAT configuration
    • Web Filter model fix
    • SMS Counter fix
    • Fixed Bridge mode bug that prevented devices from getting an IP address when APN was entered
    • Fixed connection to hidden Wi-Fi Access Point

RUT9XX_R_00.03.850 | 2017.11.03

  • New features:
    • Added NETMAP functionality
  • Fixes:
    • Some Limit Guard fixes
    • Some GPS functionality fixes
    • Mobile sent/received data added to TR-069
    • Fixed start up of SD card

RUT9XX_R_00.03.832 | 2017.10.25

  • Improvements:
    • Added network and cell information
  • Fixes:
    • RS232/RS485 fix for flow controll settings and console mode
    • Internet Explorer WebUI bug fix
    • Fixed new FOTA version notice
    • Added network and cell information

Bootloader Change Log

RUT9XX Bootloader version 3.0.1 | 2017.02.14

  • Improvements:
    • Increased DDR voltage

NOTE: there are two Bootloader files in the archive. Which file should be used depends on circumstances. More details on this and how to upgrade the Bootloader to a newer version can be found here.

RUT9XX Bootloader version 3.0.0 | 2016.06.30

  • Improvements:
    • Upgraded U-boot

RUT9XX Bootloader version 2.0.0 | 2016.01.22

  • Improvements:
    • Removed SafeMode feature

RUT9XX Bootloader version 1.0.0 | 2014.11.14

  • New features:
    • Released U-boot