FMB640 ContiPressureCheck

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Description[edit | edit source]

FMB640 device is able to read data from the Continental “ContiPressureCheck” tire pressure monitoring system. This solution provides you with live data about the state of the tires in your fleet, therefore helping you to make decisions that will lead to better fuel economy, reduced tire-related breakdowns and extended tire lifespan.
The pressure sensors are mounted inside the Continental tire ensuring accurate information that is sent to the Central Control Unit. FMB640 connects to this unit via the CAN line and can read data about the total number of tires controlled, the total number of axles, graphical position, and information regarding every tire. Different fleets have different information priorities. “ContiPressureCheck” data is saved as a separate record. You are able to set how often the device saves this information by configuring the data reading period. This ensures that you will save data traffic costs and get the information that you need as often as you need it.

The data is gathered from CAN interface: a total number of tires controlled, the total number of the axle, graphical position, and information regarding every tire. TPMS period affects only record saving. TPMS records will be sent together with base AVL records. For more information about Continental TPMS, please check the link provided below:

FMB640 TPMS.png

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Continental “ContiPressureCheck” is read from the FMS CAN bus lines, thus if you have FMB640 CAN1 bus lines connected to FMS, CAN1 bus mode must be set to NORMAL.