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<!-----------------DEVICE DETAILS------------->
<!-----------------DEVICE DETAILS------------->
| name                  = TRB142
| name                  = TRB142
| fw_version            = TRB1420_R_00.01.03
| fw_version            = TRB1420_R_00.01.05
| file_rms_connected    = Networking_trb_manual_cloud_solutions_rms_connected_v1.png
| file_rms_connected    = Networking_trb_manual_cloud_solutions_rms_connected_v1.png
| file_rms_disconnected = Networking_trb_manual_cloud_solutions_rms_disconnected_v1.png
| file_rms_disconnected = Networking_trb_manual_cloud_solutions_rms_disconnected_v1.png

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The Cloud Solutions section is used to configure how the device will connect to certain cloud management systems. This chapter is an overview of the Cloud Solutions section for TRB142 devices.

The information in this page is updated in accordance with the TRB1420_R_00.01.05 firmware version.

RMS[edit | edit source]

RMS (Remote Management System) is a cloud system designed by Teltonika and intended for remote monitoring and management of Teltonika's networking products.

In order to add a device(s) to RMS, get yourself acquainted by watching this instructional video and register an account by clicking here. Each unique device receives a free month-long RMS license when added to RMS for the first time.

The figure below is a screenshot of the RMS section taken from a device which has been connected to RMS:

Networking trb manual cloud solutions rms connected v1.png

Field Value Description
Connection type Enabled | Standby | Disabled; default: Enabled Defines how the device will connect to RMS:
  • Enabled - the device attempts to connect to RMS every 2-5 minutes (every 2 minutes the first hour; then every 5 minutes). If it cannot connect for 14 days, it will enter Standby mode.
  • Standby - the device attempts to connect to RMS every 6 hours.
  • Disabled - RMS functionality is disabled.
Hostname host | ip; default: rms.teltonika.lt Address of the RMS server. If you're using regular RMS, just leave the default address (rms.teltonika.lt).
Port integer [0..65535]; default: 15009 Port number for connecting to RMS. If you're using regular RMS, just leave the default port (15009).

The RMS server waits for incoming connections. Since the device attempts to connect at a fixed interval, it may not connect instantly after you add it to RMS. While it is disconnected, you can check how much time is left until the next connection attempt in the Status section:

Networking trb manual cloud solutions rms disconnected v1.png

To speed up the process by initiating an immediate connection attempt, click the 'Connect' button.