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We are always improving our devices performance, stability and reliability. That’s why Teltonika is one of the leading GNSS trackers manufacturers in the world.
This document describes FMBXXX platform[1] devices firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

01.00.XX FMB0YX, FMB9X0
01.01.XX FMB0YX, FMB9X0, FMB96X
01.03.XX FMB0YX, FMB9X0, FMB96X

Firmware versioning

  • Structure
FMB(T).VER.[XX].[YY].[ZZ].Rev.[##] _[ID###]
  • Syntax description
    • XX – major FW version.
    • YY – branch number, shows major changes in firmware, i.e. new module support added or new major feature added.
    • ZZ – major changes like bigger fixes, improvements and new features addition.
    • ## – minor changes like small fixes and improvements.
    • ID[###] – Spec ID KEY – Specific clients FW changes.

Firmware versions

(recommended for FMBXXX)
(recommended for FMT100, FMB96X)
  • One wire data reading improvements
  • Manual geofence configuration improvements.
  • Data sending in online deep sleep mode optimization.
  • DOUT Control via Ignition implementation.
  • OBD data reading improvements.
  • SMS command btgetlist improvements.
  • Periodic sending optimization.
  • Changed setdigout command response to "DOUT is disabled from CFG" if DOUT is disabled configuration.
  • Improved SMS responses.
(recommended for FMB1YX, FMU1YX, FMB2YX, FMB9YX, FMB0XY, FM30XY)
  • Added FMB207 support.
  • Added FMB964 support.
  • Added FMB130 support.
  • Added BT3 auto connection mode "User ID".
  • Added UL202-02 fuel sensors functionality.
  • Improved record sending to backup.
  • Added DOUT3 control for scenarios with FMB130 hardware.
  • Improved OBD CAN reading.
  • Add "Always" battery charge mode.
  • Added codec14 protocol support.
  • GPS Acquisition improvements.
  • Improved duplicate lvcan parameters.
  • OBDII improvements, for ignition off detection and protocol changing.
  • Add RS485 parity selection.
  • Improved ECO driving functionality I/O elements manipulation.
  • Added impulse counter support for FMB130.
  • Added FW downgrade protection.
  • Rename BT user ID I/O element text default value.
  • Added composed Bluetooth name functionality
  • Changed minimum & default geofence zone radius to 5 meters.
  • GPS status update.
  • Improved Eco Driving detection for FMB20X devices.
  • Improved baud rate change.
  • Change Default Time Synchronization value to Disable (GNSS only).
  • getops SMS command added.
  • Only Half ICCID sent to server on ICCID event improvement.
  • bt getlist improvement.
  • Added BLE connection control functionality, when service id is configured.
  • Use speed if LVCAN/OBD speed is 0.
  • Improved record generating when speed source is configured as OBD/CAN.
  • Added speed source configuration parameter for scenarios where vehicle speed is needed.
  • Improved speed jump filter.
  • Crash trace improvements.
  • Changed "obdinfo" sms response - returns LAST detected OBD protocol now.
  • Improved OBD data reading.
  • Changed "obdinfo" sms response
  • Improved Ultra Deep sleep mode.
  • Improved FMB207 support.
  • Improved simultaneous DNS requests issue (DNS fails if requesting at same time). Do not affects FM3/FM4 with ext modem.
  • Improved path creating for NMEA logging file (after sdformat).
  • OBD & ELD improvements.
  • 1-Wire Dallas temperature sensors improvements.
  • Do not allow unauthorized incoming calls if any authorized number is configured.
  • VIN reset/change on ELD improved.
  • Changed default battery level sms text to "Battery level %".
  • Improved CODEC12 CMD server -> RS232/RS485 data length.
  • CAN interrupt handling reworked.
  • Improvement for putting space to APN configuration then it's empty and sim is inserted.
  • Improved DOUT control over SMS when no DOUTs are enabled.
  • Reworked external modem power off/on procedures.
  • Changed SMS cmd "getgps" time source, to prevent zero values when GPS is OFF.
  • GSM numbers handling rework.
  • Improvement for Bluetooth communication over BT 3.0.
  • Changed default configuration parameters values.
  • Improved SIM switch algorithm for DUAL-SIM devices (FMB125, FMB122).
  • Added possibility to set LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL program number using SMS command in Online Deep Sleep mode.
  • Improved RS485 LLS reconfiguring on different positions.
  • The conditions for entering sleep depend on this parameter:
    Always / After Time Sync / After Position Fix
  • Improved records reading and sending
  • Fixed Total Odometer IO values appearing in Trip Odometer IO
  • Fixed unexpected GPS LED blinking after wake up from sleep
  • UDP data sending improvements
  • Fixed CAN CONTROL speed I/O element value parsing
  • Fixed Battery Voltage I/O coefficients
  • Improved Crash Detection duration calculation
  • Changed odometer configuration parameter available min value to 0, while on TCP configuration values is from 1
  • Improved auto calibration algorithm
  • Improved data sending algorithm
  • Removed forced record sending after waking up from deep sleep
  • Fixed ELD data sending via BLE
  • ELD speed source selection improvements
  • Fixed BLE temperature sensors I/O low level configuration
  • Changed odometer source switching algorithm (OBD<->GNSS). If OBD data becomes unavailable device will not switch to GNSS source automatically
  • Improved crash data packing
  • Fixed SMS "odoset:" max value validation
  • Fixed device restarts due too many BLE devices in range when performing scanning operation
  • Improved LLS data reading stability
  • Changed "Engine Oil Temperature" OBD IO element value representation from SIGNED to UNSIGNED
  • Increased Odometer max value from 999999 to 4294967
03.18.03.Rev.00 2018.09.25
  • Fixed AIN1 and External Voltage swap for FMB900
  • Added shadow calibration functionality
  • Improved eco driving events functionality
  • Improved GNSS hdop&pdop validation
  • Fixed LVCAN Fuel Level value coefficient according to IO protocol
  • Added Battery level % IO element
  • Fixed gps fix acquisition
  • Added Configurable BLE transmitting power
  • Added ELD support into base OBD FW version
  • Improved communication with FOTA WEB
  • Reworked IO manager to properly support variable length of IO
  • Improved operation in Deep Sleep
  • Improved records packing
  • Improved crash records generation.
  • Improved FW startup speed
  • Increased Trip status reading from BTAPP rate
  • Improved Idling functionality
  • Fixed duplicated record issue
  • Improved Bluetooth scanning functionality
  • Added OBD DTC, LVCAN DTC IO elements
  • Improved Power consumption in sleep mode
  • Fixed incomming call detection
  • Improved records saving scenario
  • Added MIN SPEED protections for ECO DRIVING
  • Improved RS232 operation after device initialization
  • Improved TZBT data reading
  • Improved eco/green driving and crash detection functionalities
  • Max packet size increased from 1024 bytes to 1280 bytes
  • Improved LiPo battery detection
03.10.08.Rev.00 2018.06.25
  • Fixed FOTA WEB hardware detection
  • Improved SMS/GPRS command "setdigout" with speed parameter according to documentation (do not trigger DOUTx if GNSS FIX unavailable)
  • Added ELD VIN number validation
  • Fixed OBD and LVCAN IO current value showing in configurator
  • Fixed record sending if mode was changed and send period “0”
  • Added FMB125 BLE DualSIM HW support
  • Added TZ-BT05B sensor support
  • Improved BLE scanning
  • Improved data sending scenario
  • Fixed configuration loading after download via FOTAWEB issue
  • Improved DOUT functionality
  • Added CAN-CONTROL support
  • Changed LVCAN Engine Temperature and LVCAN Fuel Level value coefficient (according IO protocol)
  • Added new SMS/GPRS command "getimsi" for IMSI number reading
  • Added ELD functionality
  • DNS support improvement
  • Stability improvements
03.09.01.Rev.00 2018.04.30
  • Improved FOTA WEB functionality
  • Improved odometer value calculating from LVCAN (km->m)
  • Improved 1-wire operation with long wires
  • Improved Bluetooth functionality
  • Improved OBD data reading
03.08.05.Rev.00 2018.04.18
  • Improved Static Navigation filter
  • Improved Crash Detection scenario
  • Improved device connection to configurator after FW update
  • Updated LVCAN protocol to support 4 and 5 digits numbers
  • BT functionality optimization
03.07.07.Rev.00 2018.04.05
  • Improved simultaneous use of several Bluetooth connections
03.07.06.Rev.00 2018.03.19
  • Fixed IO elements High/Low config parameters negative values saving
  • Improved OBD communication
  • Improved Outgoing Call trigger conditions
  • Improved VIN reading
  • Record saving optimization
  • Improved iButton expire time calculation
03.07.01.Rev.00 2018.03.02
  • OBD pinout for FM3 improvement
  • Improved data sending
  • Improved FOTA WEB configuration sending
  • Changed GPS state values reporting in SMS "getinfo" according documentation
  • Improved Crash Detection
  • Added GPRS OPEN timeout for FOTA WEB
  • Improved UNLOCK key generation for keyword restoring
  • LiPo battery charging optimization
  • Added FMB2YX hardware support
03.06.04.Rev.00 2018.02.12
  • Improved record storing and sending algorithm
  • Improved communication with accelerometer
  • Improved firmware update handling with internal flash memory
03.06.01.Rev.00 2018.01.29
  • BLE functionality added
  • Improved OBD request functionality
  • Improved record search and sending scenario
  • Fixed SD storage (used/total) info displaying
  • Added OBD stuck protection
  • Improved logging
  • Improved movement detection in sleep modes
  • Added SMS "getrecord" for High prio record generation
  • Added fix for GPRS authentication pap/chap
  • Added Ultra Deep Sleep functionality
  • Improved LiPo charging algorithm
  • Added support of FM30XY hardware
03.03.07.Rev.00 2018.01.03
  • New parameter for SMS event compositor: %gmap – provides Google Maps link in SMS event message
  • Improvement for OBD data display in Configurator Status window
  • Improved Ignition and Movement detection by CAN data (OBD/LVCAN)
  • Improved iButton IO event generation after sleep mode
  • Fixed Trip odometer precision when counting mode is “Between records”
  • Fixed “setdigout” command usage on FMB9YX
03.03.06.Rev.00 2018.01.03
  • Fixed GPS speed value
03.03.03.Rev.00 2017.12.05
  • Added iButton ID inversion to solve incompatibility with FMA
  • Added additional iButton family ID’s
  • Improved backup server triggering if main server DNS request fails
  • Removed Ios generation in deep/online sleep for EcoScore, Dallas Temp/ID, iButton, RFID, LLS
  • Enabled GSM I/O’s in online sleep
  • Added setdigout dependency on speed. DOUT change is not executed while speed is too high.
  • GPS version string truncated in “getver” SMS response
  • Movement detection sensitivity decreased
  • Improvement in records manager to prevent records corruption
  • High priority events are not checking send period now
  • Towing IO reset on feature reactivation added
  • Fixed FOTA WEB issue when APN has login and password
  • Major stability improvement patch!
  • Added immobilizer state restore on startup
  • SMS sending is now aborted after 3 unsuccessful attempts
  • SMS events text composition added. You can add additional parameters to SMS text
  • Improved HID RFID reading in FMB125
  • Added Green Driving Duration IO element (AVL ID: 243)
  • Fixed SIM PIN change via Bluetooth
  • RS232 buffered modes added
03.02.03.Rev.00 2017.10.17
  • Updated GPS FW (Galileo satellites are used now too)
  • Auto calibration procedure improved
  • Added new LV-CAN200 parameters: CNG Status, CNG Used, CNG Level, OIL Level, Engine Temperature
  • Added “getimeiccid” SMS/GPRS command
  • IMEI packaging for UDP fixed
  • Crash Trace fixed
  • BTAPP application improvement
  • OBD PID data requesting when VIN unavailable fixed
  • Fake overspeeding events are now filtered out
  • Fixed BT name autogenerating if empty
  • Fixed records sending via UDP
  • Autoconnect to FotaWeb on power ON and after “cpureset“ added
  • OBD protocol detection improvements
  • GNSS (used for records) data while device is in GPS sleep / deep sleep / online deep sleep fixed
  • Changed BT DEFAULT name autogeneration by device type
  • Improved SD present and mounted state detection
  • Removed check for AIN min value 500mV
  • Records sending by min saved records fix
03.01.04.Rev.00 2017.09.06
  • New feature: NMEA via Bluetooth
  • New feature: Read records
  • New feature: iButton reading notification via DOUT.
  • New SMS/GPRS command: getvin (Returns vehicle VIN number. Aplicable for FMB001, or other FMB devices with connected OBDII dongle)
  • BTAPP protocol updated
  • Improvements in records sending (fixes increased traffic usage)
  • Improved configuration saving time
01.03.13.Rev.00 2017.11.07
  • Improved overall device stability
  • Fixed Bluetooth Data Link.
  • Fixed Bluetooth name auto generating if empty.
  • Fixed Bluetooth clear all Paired device list from configurator.
  • Fixed records sending via UDP.
  • Fixed IMEI packaging for UDP.
  • Improved SMS login/pass validator. All characters are now allowed.
  • Added protection for OBD Odometer value reset.
  • Added protection for IMEI corruption.
  • Fixed bad records detector.
  • Added call functionality (when event detected) in Deep Sleep mode.
  • Restart protection fixed.
  • Improvements in SIM PIN setting.
  • Changed default FOTA WEB Domain.
  • Fixed OBD PID data requesting when VIN unavailable.
  • OBD protocol detection improvements.
  • Modem power ON improvements.
  • NTP improvements.
  • Added “getimeiccid” SMS/GPRS command.
  • SMS/GPRS command “sdformat” improvements.
  • SMS Login/Pass validator improvements.
  • Removed check for AIN min value 500mV.
  • Added additional IO High/Low level setter by ParamID.
  • Fixed SMS processing state check in modem SLEEP mode setter.
  • FOTA functionality improvement.
  • Added protections by GSM number and text length.
  • IO event External Voltage DeltaChange improvements.
  • Fixed issues with double records, bad records, record search.
  • Fixed microSD to RAM switching for records saving.
  • Added retries for unsuccessful outgoing call.
01.03.11.Rev.00 2017.10.19
  • Fixed Crash detection functionality.
  • Battery charging improvement.
  • Record sending via UDP fixed.
  • Record sending in DeepSleep improvement.
  • FOTA WEB functionality improvement.
  • Added protection for IMEI corruption.
01.03.03.Rev.00 2017.07.24
  • Added FOTA WEB functionality
  • Optimization of power consumption in sleep modes
  • GNSSS IO Text "GNSSpower" changed to "GNSSStatus"
  • Added zero filling the ibutton values
  • Enabled IOs GNSS, Total Odometer in dsleep mode
  • Improved getio SMS response for FMB125
  • Added CCID validity check before PIN registration
  • Minimized power consumptions in sleep modes
  • Added SD card check before it’s usage
  • Changed excessive idling default/max values
  • DUAL SIM functionality implementation
  • PIN Entering to second SIM improvement
  • SMS/GPRS getgps command improvement
  • Added dual server support
  • Operator Black list implementation
01.00.32.Rev.00 2017.07.10
  • Authorized GSM numbers list increased to 200
  • Unplug feature improvement
  • SMS command 'sdformat' – deletes all internal memory
  • SMS command ‘deleterecords’ – deletes Avl records from memory
  • Faster GPS FIX after leaving sleep mode
  • ‘odoset’ SMS command fixed
  • Excessive Idling functionality improvement
  • DOUT state is restored on startup
  • Towing activation timeout max value increased
  • Averaging now works in Deep Sleep mode too
  • Minor OBD improvements
  • Bluetooth pairing improvements
  • FMB962/FMB964 hardware support added
  • Records sending when link is open fixed
01.00.30.Rev.05 2017.05.26
  • Added 5 geozones functionality
  • IO elements ICCID and SD Status are added
  • Added Keyword functionality
  • Crash detection improvement, now it detects consecutive events
  • Towing Detection improvement
  • Unplug detection improvement
  • GPRS connection stability improvement
  • Improved Unplug detection – now detects “plug” events too
  • Data sending without microSD card
  • getgps SMS commands format fixed
  • Default configuration changed – allow sending in roaming and unknown modes
01.00.22.Rev.12 2017.04.13
  • Improved connection to GSM operators
01.00.22.Rev.11 2017.04.07
  • Improved LiPo battery charger state interpretation
01.00.22.Rev.09 2017.03.28
  • Updated GPS firmware version
  • Hardware detection improvement
01.00.22.Rev.06 2017.03.14
  • Corrected “Green driving” values: “m/s2” conversion to “g”
  • SIM PIN entering fixed.
  • SMS Reading improved. Don't go to DeepSleep if there are SMS to read in memory.
  • GPS Fuel Counter fix.
  • Jamming detection improvement.
  • AutoGeofence functionality improvement.
  • Entering to DeepSleep fixed
  • IO elements “event only” parameter fix
  • Improvement in connection to GSM operator
  • Added SD card drive capacity parameter to Status window
  • Added BeiDou satellite numbers
  • Trip odometer I/O calculation improvement.
01.00.19.Rev.02 2017.01.18
  • OBD data, VIN, DTC error count reading, DTC PID's requests, DTC delete via Bluetooth
  • Fixed GPS no fix lock-up
01.00.17.Rev.03 2017.01.06
  • Bluetooth Voice call added
01.00.15.Rev.00 2016.11.23
  • Accelerometer axis values XYZ as IO elements
  • Configuration send/save over Bluetooth
  • NTP+NITZ Time synchronization
  • EcoDriving auto calibration
  1. FMBXXX – FMB9, FMB96, FMB0, FMB1, FMB2, FM30XY, FMT100. Except FMB630, FMB640.