Nomenclature, classification, identification codes

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ProductEAN code ECCN HTS HS MAC NSN code PCT TAC code
RUT230 4779027312132 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 851762 00:1E:42:**:**:** 8517.6270 RUT230 Tac codes
RUT240 4779027312149 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 851762 00:1E:42:**:**:** 7025-47-000-9390 8517.6270 RUT240 Tac codes
RUT850 4779027312057 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 851762 00:1E:42:**:**:** 8517.6270 RUT850 TAC codes
RUT900 4779027311272 00:1E:42:**:**:** RUT900 TAC codes
RUT950 4779027311289 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 851762 00:1E:42:**:**:** 7025-47-000-8766 8517.6270 RUT950 TAC codes
RUT955 4779027311302 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 851762 00:1E:42:**:**:** 7025-47-000-9391 8517.6270 RUT955 TAC codes
RUTX08 4779027312477 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 00:1E:42:**:**:**
RUTX09 4779027312460 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 00:1E:42:**:**:** RUTX09 TAC codes
RUTX10 4779027312453 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 00:1E:42:**:**:**
RUTX11 4779027312378 5A991.c.10 8517.62.00 00:1E:42:**:**:** RUTX11 TAC codes
TRB140 4779027312408 00:1E:42:**:**:** TRB140 TAC codes
TRB141 4779027312620 TRB141 TAC codes
TRB142 4779027312385 TRB142 TAC codes
TRB145 4779027312415 TRB145 TAC codes
TRM240 4779027312774
TRM250 4779027312781

Disclaimer: All nomenclature codes or other regulatory information provided herein reflect the current Teltonika interpretation of regulations and are subject to change without prior notification. It is the obligation of the exporter to comply with applicable export and import control laws and to provide classification information at the time of export/import. Teltonika makes no representation as to the accuracy or reliability of information provided, and is in no way responsible for any damages or penalties suffered by other parties as a result of using or relying upon such information.