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A software development kit (SDK) is a set of software development tools that provides the possibility to create applications for a certain software package, software framework, computer system or similar development platform.

Teltonika provides SDKs for our networking products. Software created with Teltonika SDKs is developed under a General Public Licence (GPL). You can download SDKs from one of the links in the section below.

SDK downloads

Device(s) Version Date File size MD5 checsum Download link
RUT230, RUT240 RUT2XX_R_00.01.06.1 2019.03.18 391 MB 7e3a827793735f62bd9c54e2884afbf2 Download
RUT500 RUT5XX_NW_00.01.984 - 27.6 MB da58312660af4c0922489aca26df6208 Download
RUT850 RUT850_R_00.01.03.2 2019.03.28 360 MB 8c7fdd69c1776ca256fe3f8be3d040b3 Download
RUT900, RUT905, RUT950, RUT955 RUT9XX_R_00.06.02.2 2019.04.23 419 MB 512cf2121263586b0072c74c0f17e8d7 Download
TRB140 (European version) TRB1400_R_00.01.01.2 2019.03.25 130 MB 6d375f532a0f42658e685f00d498d2a1 Download
TRB142 (European version) TRB1420_R_00.01.01.2 2019.03.25 130 MB 798e44ee3b2872573b012b9baf5abc17 Download
TRB145 (European version) TRB1450_R_00.01.01.2 2019.03.25 130 MB 24fd9199a17436bc1498b0cfe3a63aef Download